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Hello Everyone! THIS IS A MAJOR W.I.P

profile picture of Enrico Pucci from Jojo with cat ears[Intro] Hello everyone. This is my website. Where I will talk and talk and talk. And that is all. Now here are some bayonetta lyrics:
And I felt, there's something that must not be lost (the time has come) Within me (thе time has) [Chorus] Memory which increasеs depths of emotion We’re birds of a feather, clothed in red and black Mutual thought is now finally drawing near The conversations soon will be in combat [Bridge] (Shades of shadow wrap around me) (Night so hypnotizing) [Verse 2] You know that I don't need empathy(I'm sure that she sees without me, who would she be?) Tears must have been (The dawn of my fate is here,) Discarded in the distant past (A storm brews unleashing power and its fear) Even when the time of fate (Eyes in the full moon shine) Draws closer now, and it shows (Here we are intertwined) That you must stand alone and strong (The darkness inviting)

To Do List:

  • Put away the dishes
  • Clean the stove
  • Take trash out
  • Fold and Put away towels
  • I understood I was your sole existance your reason to be! And i felt there's something that must not be lost, within me...
    As I sit here, I ponder my ability to accomplish my vision with this site. It is too easy for me to give up on things, and I wish not to give up on this. Because giving up means going back to the dreaded... And I would rather not.

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  • Chatbox imbedded into the homepage
  • Right side bar that would allow the middle content to be turned into an iframe.
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